From January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, was visited 78,155 times. In average, the website was surfed 6,513 times a month. In any given days, the busiest hour is at 11am, 12 pm and between 4-6PM. The busiest month was July and slowest was on May.

Canada tops the list for audience, US secures 2nd spot, Nepal 3rd, United Kingdom 7th and Qatar 24th.

36.98% users are from iOS, 32.33% from Windows, 17.66% from Android, 7.36% from Macintosh, rest are from Linux, Chrome OS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

In Canada, 81.80% visitors are from Saskatchewan, 11.40% from Alberta and 4.43% from Ontario. City wise, 76.52% visitors are from Regina, 9.07% from Calgary, 2.20% from Saskatoon, 1.99% from Edmonton, 1.04% from Prince Albert, Ottawa 1.29% and Toronto 0.99%.